Nov 08

Problem: Easy Adsense Plug-in not working with Project AR2

I recently updated my website, LEHSYS with a new theme, and I noticed that the new theme that I was using wasn’t compatible with the WordPress plug-in, Easy AdSense.

I submitted support tickets to both easy AdSense and the support forums for the theme, but neither of the support forums responded; love it when that happens.

Anyway, the solution was to go in and add the Google AdSense code to the website manually.

In my opinion, Arras, and the new version of that same Project AR2, is not what I would consider standard. Because things little bit differently, and it’s difficult at times to find the PHP file does you’re looking for.

But if you go go to the WordPress blog, login, go into the theme settings for Project AR2, choose edit and then choose the ‘content.PHP’ file; you can add the Google AdSense code directly.

In my particular case, I chose to add the Google AdSense code above the title of the post.


I felt the presentation was better at that position.

But in the PHP file…


You can scroll down and find this section of the PHP code…


And then right after the line were says ‘header class’, insert the Google AdSense code…

If you’re having the same problem I was, this should fix your problem.


I hope this helps…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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