Aug 02

How to get 1,2,3,4 Columns in WordPress with this plugin

I noticed that with the latest update to WordPress 3.91, I lost the ability to adjust the number of dashboard columns. I didn’t see anything really that helpful from the WordPress forums, Google did provide a website to that provided a simple enough answer to my issue.

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Mar 22

Being very irritated at Google


Lately, I’ve been rather upset with Google over the performance of my website because Google makes changes to their search algorithms on regular basis and these search our own changes can have huge impacts on the visibility of individuals websites. Over the past eight years or so, I’ve had, and I’ve tried to populate my website with information that users might find useful, entertaining or insightful.

It’s never been a goal of mine to put anything on my website that wasn’t family-friendly or that might be deceptive or malicious towards the visitors of my website. The goal of LEHSYS has been to share information with my visitors, but also make enough money to support the website with the domain and hosting fees that are required with anyone’s website.

For the most part, I’ve been able to do that with LEHSYS. One thing I’ve learned over the years of having LEHSYS is that the performance of the website is not consistent; it’s a roller coaster of performance and patronage.

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May 23

Finding a the plug-in for WordPress [irritating]

WordPress is the definitive standard for having a blog. It’s free, it’s open source and there’s lots of themes and plug-ins for the blog service to work with, but one of the irritating things that I keep running into with WordPress is trying to find quality plug-in.

If you go into the administration settings for WordPress, you’ll notice that you can go to the side and add a new plug-in to increase the native abilities of your blog, but one of the things that I noticed is that there’s no option to filter by name, version, rating, description, or something that I would like to see, the last time it was updated and how many times it’s been downloaded.

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Mar 03

Changing Publish Dates In WordPress

WordPress changing dates

If you have ever tried to change the dates for when your articles should publish through WordPress you’ll immediately notice how odd it is. I really don’t like how WordPress does their date selections in the POST listings. I would much rather have WordPress give me separate selections for the calendar and the clock.

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Mar 03

WordPress Auto-link Plug-in: SEO Smart Links [free]

SEO Auto Linker

I added a new plug-in to my website the other day called SEO Smart Links to help me with linking to external resources. During the composition phase of an article you sometimes miss an opportunity to insert a hyper-link to a resource. Windows Live Writer has an auto-link feature, but the truth is, it’s better to make the change on the server so all the previous posts get the update too. You can’t do that with Windows Live Writer.

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Nov 08

Problem: Easy Adsense Plug-in not working with Project AR2

I recently updated my website, LEHSYS with a new theme, and I noticed that the new theme that I was using wasn’t compatible with the WordPress plug-in, Easy AdSense.

I submitted support tickets to both easy AdSense and the support forums for the theme, but neither of the support forums responded; love it when that happens.

Anyway, the solution was to go in and add the Google AdSense code to the website manually.

In my opinion, Arras, and the new version of that same Project AR2, is not what I would consider standard. Because things little bit differently, and it’s difficult at times to find the PHP file does you’re looking for.

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Nov 02

Problem: Problems with GoDaddy hosting…


LEHSYS is very slow. Taking over a minute to load- sometimes I can’t access the main site. It’s timing out.

I have also had issues trying to get to the backend ‘dashboard’; I get an error 500 server error.

I have reported this to GoDaddy via twtter, they have responded; said they’re going to look in to it.

The site seems to be loading, but there’s other parts of the site that aren’t working. RSS feeds, stats from…

I have disabled some plug-ins; nothing was working— it just seems to have gotten worse. Again, working with GoDaddy on it.

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Nov 01

LEHSYS – Something new.


Yeah, it’s something new.

I wanted to try something new. I’m hoping to post more things here of a blogging nature. Things I try, things I don’t and things that work out. This is my experiement; I’m hoping that it’s interesting.
The inspiration is there, now I need to work on the application of it.

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